Special Launch Offer:
Save 30% On The All-New Square to Square Method
With Doug Tewell & Arron Oberholser!

Launch savings good until the first 1,000 new Square to Square students enroll.

Free Video Presentation – 12 Time PGA Tour Champion Doug Tewell gives you the lowdown on why the modern swing is ruining your game – especially if you’re aged 50 or over...

"Give Me One Big Bucket Of Balls & I’ll Give You The Secret Behind Hitting Every One Of Them 20-30 Yards Farther & With More Accuracy Than You Ever Hit In Your Life"

After doctors told me I’d never play professionally again I stumbled onto 3 simple swing tweaks that worked perfectly with my age and physical condition but added uncanny yardage and accuracy. I was hitting farther and straighter than ever...

... and the best part? These tweaks are so easy you’ll probably have them down after just one big bucket of range balls!

Turn up your speakers and wait ten seconds for the presentation to load. Video may be removed at any time.

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