Now imagine what it could do for your game!

"Positively No Other Body-Friendly Golf Swing Has Been So Extensively Tested And PROVEN On The PGA Tour!"


12 PGA & Champions Tour Wins (Including 2 Major Championships), Top-4 In Driving Accuracy 7 Years In A Row, Top-5 Greens In Regulation 4 Years In A Row, Competing against Tom Kite, Tom Watson, Lee Trevino, Jack Nicklaus (following Major Reconstructive Surgery) And Even Breaking Arnold Palmer’s Course Record!

This swing will NOT rob you of power or distance. I'll share exciting proof that swinging safer can actually add power back to your swing you thought you had lost long ago!

Tewell & Nicklaus

It was 1995 … the Greater Milwaukee Open… And as it turned out … a life-changing day.

Hi, I’m Doug Tewell. And yes, the accomplishments listed above are my own – but they’re only part of the story. So just before I explain how you could soon be hitting longer, straighter, and more consistently with this doctor-recommended swing, let me tell you about…

The “career-ending” injury that made me a much better golfer

Now, up to this point (the Greater Milwaukee Open), I’d been playing 20 years on the PGA Tour, and racked up a pretty decent record:

4 PGA Tour wins

1st on PGA Tour for greens hit in regulation, 1990

Top-3 placements among PGA Tour Driving Accuracy leaders SIX YEARS in a row (including two consecutive years in the top spot!)

And somehow, I had managed to escape any “major” injuries – in spite of experiencing all those “typical” aches and pains most golfers have to deal with. (Yes, the Pros get them, too!)

Anyhow, there I was in Milwaukee, attempting to come up out of a bunker. I swung my club … hit the sand … and suddenly felt a nasty “pop” in my left elbow, followed by excruciating pain.

I withdrew from the tournament immediately...

The next day, I was in the office of world-famous physician and surgeon, Dr. Frank Jobe. One day later, Dr. Jobe was performing “Tommy John Surgery” on my elbow. (Dr. Jobe is the creator of this now-familiar procedure.) Everything had pulled away from the bone … and because there was nothing left to attach the muscles with, he had to drill holes in the bone, and use tiny fibers to re-attach it all. (Then, we had to hope there’d be enough scar tissue to hold everything together!) I was told…

“Doug, you’ll never play professionally again.”

Rehab was indeed long and slow, but effective. But I was NOT prepared to simply accept the good Doctor’s prognosis. (At least, not once I was over the initial shock.) So, during my time away from the Tour, I did two things that changed my game forever!

First, I went to work as an on-location commentator for the Golf Channel. Being right up close to all the action – without being a part of it (the “forest for the trees” analogy applies here) – made it so clear to me that you don’t have to be “perfect” to win … but you DO need to be “accurate” and “consistent”!

strong>Secondly, I used that time to study everything I could get my hands on about the golf swing through the years. I consulted many of the top sports physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, and therapists … learning all I could about how the body moves, how nature intended it to move. And I began applying all this to finding a better way to swing a club… a method that would not only allow me and any other golfer – professional and amateur alike – get back in the game after major surgery … but even help prevent these injuries in the first place!

You see, I believe that the CAUSE of injury in MILLIONS of golfers around the globe – is The “modern” rotational, full-turn swing being taught by golf instructors everywhere.

This fact has been proven over and over again:

“There is currently no scientific research supporting the idea that parallel to the ground is the ideal position to the end of the backswing.”
- Dr. Paul Geisler (in “Bio-Mechanics Magazine”)

So I studied, designed, tested … and then repeated the process, again and again, until I had what I thought was a swing that just might pave my way back into a winning game of golf.

Only a year after the surgery, I began putting a little – just to ease myself back in, and test the elbow. Then I started chipping ... and let me tell you, it was a BIG day when I was finally allowed to hit a few short chip shots, eventually working into a full swing. Sixteen months later I was playing eighteen holes.

In 1999 Doug Tewell was voted "Driver Of The Decade" by the Golf Channel.

So what does this mean for YOU? (a.k.a. “Introducing the Square-to-Square Golf Swing”)

Well, maybe nothing … unless you can answer “Yes” to any of the following (and the more times you say “Yes”, the more this swing could mean for you):

  • Do you experience any joint pain during or immediately after playing a round?
  • Do you end up with sore muscles the next day (or day after that)?
  • Have you suffered any injuries to your back, neck, elbow, knees, or hips?
  • Are you coming back from any major reconstructive surgery … like knee or hip replacements, or getting disks fused in your neck or back?
  • Have you had to hang up the clubs, because of a lifetime of injuries?

And perhaps the most important question to ask:

Would you like to be hitting longer and straighter than ever before …while reducing the possibility of any of the above happening to you?

Y’see, the solution I came up with is a restricted 3/4 length , limited-turn, vertical swing that eliminates (or at least radically reduces) all the twisting, grating, pulling sort of torture our bodies have been submitted to for so long, thanks to the “modern” golf swing.

It’s easier on the back, neck, shoulders, hips, wrists, and knees…

It’s ideal not only for those golfers trying to get back into the game after injury and possibly surgery … it’s also about the best way there is to prevent ever having such problems in the first place (shy of simply hanging up your clubs, and quitting the game, anyhow).…yet it’s remarkably accurate and repeatable.

And it's designed to make sure you’re solidly striking dead center on your club face, too! How big a difference can this make? Listen to long distance expert Eric Jones:

“Hitting the ball in the center of the club face will give you the maximum distance for your swing and club head speed. An impact position that is 3/4 inch off center (which is only about the diameter of a dime) will decrease distance 10-15% … or 25-40 yards on a 100 mph swing!”

Eric M. Jones
Class "A" PGA Professional, 2003 Re/Max World Long Drive Champion, 2004 LDA Tour Rookie of the Year, 2006 Players Tour Champion, 2012 Senior Long Drive World Champion

Yes, you might be surprised how much farther down the fairway you’re hitting, when you can keep them this straight!

One little “trick” to keeping you out of the woods...

Thanks to a special “trick” I learned just before setting out on the PGA Tour, back in 1975, my new swing keeps your club-face square throughout a greater range of your swing … resulting in much of the accuracy and consistency I’m so well known for. (While developing my new swing, this one tactic remained foremost in my mind as being vitally important to golfing success … and an element I insisted must be included!)

That’s where the name Square-to-Square Golf Swing came from – the fact that your club-head remains square from about knee-high in the downswing, to well past the point of impact ... keeping you on-line to the target through more of your follow-through.Why is this one thing so important? Well…

Scientific research shows that if the clubface is as little as ½ degree less than square to the ball, that ball can go off course by 20 yards!

But my swing is designed to significantly reduce off-centered hits, once you get my Square-to-Square method nailed down. So THAT is what this could mean for you: straighter drives, closer to the green, every time! Need PROOF this swing works? Want to know…

What makes THIS swing any better than others I’ve seen advertised?

In just a moment, I’ll share some pretty convincing research findings with you, along with the comments of an internationally-respected authority on sports medicine and orthopedics. But first of all, I think it’s important to understand this one critical point:

I’m not just some instructor who “created” a swing, to try and set myself “above the crowd” or have something “different” to offer my students!

I’m a PGA Tour and Senior PGA Champion – a professional Tour player who had to develop a better way of swinging a club so I could continue playing after a career-threatening injury, and the radical surgery that followed.

And I think you’d agree – the irrefutable proof of how effective this swing is lies right in my Tour record. I’ve already told you what I had accomplished in the 20 years before my injury.

Now take a look at what I managed to do after such radical surgery, and a 3-year rehab’ period (and bear in mind – these wins and accolades were garnered in much less than 20 years!)

Not bad for someone doomed to “never play professionally again” Here’s my “post-surgery” record:

  • 2000 Senior PGA Tour Rookie of The Year (over Tom Kite & Tom Watson!)
  • 8 Champions Tour wins, including 2 Majors! (Those Majors were won by a total margin of 16 strokes – among the largest leads ever in those tournaments, putting me squarely in the ranks of Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, and Hale Irwin)
  • Top-4 Champions Tour Driving Accuracy leaders SEVEN years in a row, from 2000 to 2006 (and that includes two back-to-back #1 spots in 2002-2003!)
  • Top-6 for Greens in Regulation FIVE years in a row, from 2000 to 2004
  • Another record I set after my surgery was winning the Senior PGA Championship … as my very first tournament victory on the Senior Tour!…and I owe it all to my “new” swing, the Square-to-Square Method!

Based on sound science, and doctor-recommended

If you’re wondering why in the world I would adopt a limited-turn swing, instead of the full-turn most golfers use … if you’re thinking I couldn’t possibly hit as far … then I’m sorry to break it to you but you’ve been brainwashed! (no offense intended – I was in the same boat for more than 20 years!)

It wouldn’t surprise you, I’m sure, that my Square-to-Square Swing is endorsed and recommended by doctors … when you consider how many health professionals contributed to its design!

I consulted with physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and other experts in how the body moves (and how it shouldn’t), and the many problems inherent in the traditional “high-rotation” swing.

Don’t be a lemming!

Everything about this swing is there for a reason – one based on sound scientific principles, not the Lemming Principle. (You know … the one that says “Well, every else is doing it…”)

Here’s an interesting item: The top researchers at Cal State did a study on the 3/4 swing vs full swing, and concluded that the limited-turn swing is easier on the body, simpler, and more easily repeatable. Basically, they said the full backswing is harder to master and more inconsistent, compared to the 3/4 swing.

They were also quick to point out that it’s no more powerful to take it back the extra distance … and doing so just adds more strain on the body, thereby leading to injuries.

It’s estimated that 62% of over 25 million golfers in America incur injury directly related to golf … and most of those result from poor swing mechanics. (That alone should tell you something isn't working in the common “modern” swing!) Here’s more:

The “Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapies” reporting the following findings from the research study “The Short Golf Backswing: Effects on Performance and Spinal Health Implications”. These are some of their findings, in brief:

  • Suggests that a full recoil swing may cause greater injury and back pain in golfers
  • Shortening the backswing may reduce trunk and muscle activation, and possibly reduce back injury without negatively impacting swing accuracy and club head velocity.
  • Current evidence suggests that a restricted back swing may reduce potential for injury without compromising performance

And finally, a word from Dr. Carlan Yates, who spent several years as an advisor to the US Olympic Committee, working with athletes from a number of different sports…

"In my 30 years as an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, I have consistently seen the adverse effects that the typical rotational golf swing can create in golfers of all skill levels. The rotational golf swing, as usually taught, places excessive stress on the spine which can lead to chronic pain and dysfunction. Rotational torque on the spine and other joints often creates problems that cannot be resolved with the usual recommendations of physical therapy or over- the-counter medications.

That is why I highly recommend Doug Tewell's Square-to-Square method. Using a 3/4 turn drastically reduces the violent torque and abnormal stress in your spine, hips, knees and shoulders. This will result in improvement in any pre-existing joint pain, as well as prolonging your golfing years with much less chance of pain.

As a board certified sports medicine specialist who treats NBA All-Stars, Olympic Gold Medalists, and PGA professionals, I highly recommend Doug's method for any golfer looking for a swing built to protect and preserve your body, rather than subjecting it to the stresses of a typical rotational swing."

Carlan Yates, M.D. Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, United States Olympic Committee Physician, NBA Oklahoma City Thunder Physician

I should just mention, for the sake of anyone perhaps thinking “But my problem isn’t with my elbow – it’s in my [fill in the blank here: back/shoulder/knee/whatever].”

Look, in 2000, I encountered some unrelated back problems … yet, thanks to my newly-designed Square-to-Square Swing, I was able to quickly recover, and pretty much ride right over them … leaving me free to resume my attack on the Senior Tour!

Quite simply, this swing is ideal no matter where you’re experiencing pain. (And even if you aren’t! See below for more about that.)

"It has truly made a difference in my game..."

I enjoyed the video about the “Square to Square” method. I have tried this and it has truly made a difference in my game, ability to control the golf ball, and most of all improve the feeling and less pressure on my repaired right shoulder. Thank you Doug for the great information!

Samuel, Posting on Doug's Blog

"Most people are amazed at how accurate I am..."

I am 70 and have been doing this for at least 10 years. I am rarely over 79 and have shot my age or below many times. Most people are amazed at how accurate I am. So, if this is what I think it is, I would highly recommend it. When I take the club back, the club face stays square to the path and coming thru the ball I bow my left wrist which guarantees the club-head is square to the target."

Ron, Posting on Doug's Blog

But it’s not ONLY body-safe…It’s also the most consistent and accurate swing you’ve ever used!

Yes, I know many think a “body-friendly” swing has to have inferior performance … but not the Square-to-Square Swing! That’s because the very thing that makes it so easy on your muscles and joints is exactly what makes it so effective in destroying the competition:

It’s simple. Not complicated at all.

By practically eliminating the hand/wrist timing that’s such a problem in the conventional swing, it becomes easily mastered, and easily repeated.

Couple this with that little secret I learned so long ago (and which YOU too can learn) for keeping the club face square to your target longer…

And you can begin to understand how I became such a force to be reckoned with on Tour, AFTER my surgery (and playing against guys who had never undergone such a procedure).

There’s likely never been a better golf swing for amateurs

The relative ease with which almost any golfer can begin hitting straighter and more consistently is certainly one of the things that makes the Square-to-Square Golf Swing so appealing to amateurs.

That, and the fact that it doesn’t require practicing ’till your hands are raw and blistered, and your back is killing you. (Another benefit to removing most of those timing issues … because those are what require so much practice to overcome in the “modern-conventional” swing.)

That’s one reason most amateur golfers don’t improve much beyond their first few years of playing. The modern swing takes a ton of practice just to get any good at all!

And let’s face it, if you can only get out to the course a couple times a week, then you certainly can’t afford the “luxury” of practicing for hours on end! Instead, with my swing, you get to focus on playing … rather than spending your time on the range, mindlessly beating practice balls.

And with the Square-to-Square Method of instruction … this really is about the easiest swing to learn, ever.

Won't a 3/4 Swing Make Me Lose Distance?

This is one of the biggest questions I get. And I always reference PGA pro J.B. Holmes...

J.B. is a classic example of a 3/4 swing player. His backswing never even comes close to parallel, and his wrist cock is virtually nonexistent. But he EXPLODES through the ball and smashes drives that makes everyone's jaws drop in amazement.

J.B. averages 309.7 yards on tour.

J.B. is consistently near the top of the Driving Distance rankings for the Tour, outpacing other younger, more nimble players with bigger turns. Yet J.B.'s 3/4 length swing STILL outdrives them. Why? Because he knows that a huge shoulder turn is NOT the key to big-time distance. There's more--MUCH more--involved. And in the Square-to-Square program, I'll reveal every little detail on how to not only keep your current distance--but possibly even ADD more yards. How does that grab you?

Oh, how I wish I’d had this swing 20 years earlier...

Sure, I wish I had this swing when I STARTED playing golf! I’m convinced there would never have BEEN any elbow surgery, if I had. I mean … look at what I accomplished in only a few years of using this swing AFTER my injury and surgery.

Could you imagine what I might have done on Tour, during those first twenty years if I’d had my Square-to-Square Method?! But you know what – I didn’t. Coulda, shoulda, woulda never won a match … and never will.

Once I had it though … well, you’ve already heard what I did with it (and to the competition like Nicklaus, Trevino, and Watson). Goes to show it’s never too late to make a change for the better … if you’re determined!

"I know I have to play my best every time I tee it up for the Oklahoma State golf team. That's why, when I needed sage wisdom from a proven winner, I went to Doug Tewell. Doug helped me adjust some mental aspects of my game, leading to my first tournament win and being named Big 12 Player of the Month. This guy can get you back on track!"

Ian Davis, Oklahoma State University Golf Team

So how can YOU learn the Square-to-Square Golf Swing?

That’s easy!…because after years of fine-tuning my swing, and teaching it to others, I’m finally ready to release these techniques and strategies to golfers everywhere. I hired the finest video production crew I could find – one with the experience and expertise needed to accurately capture my methods and vision, and commit it to hi-definition DVD. And now … it’s ready for YOU!

I’d like to invite you to grab a copy of my Square-to-Square Golf Swing “Masters Edition” Training System – the self-paced, home-study way to learn everything you need, to start playing a better game of golf, while preserving your body for many more years of golfing fun.

Learning the swing this way is also absolutely Risk-FREE, as well … as you’ll see in a moment.

Here’s what we cover, in our time together...

Before listing the contents of this program, I want to encourage you to not get hung up on the following list … because just saying “we’ll work on your grip” doesn’t really say anything you haven’t already heard, many times. In fact, that’s likely what you thought, when you read it.

The difference, of course, is in what you see about the grip in the video.

So I’ll go ahead and list everything … but you really need to see the way I demonstrate each, see them in action, in the lessons. That’s why I offer you such an iron-clad guarantee of your satisfaction – so you can get the DVDs, watch the videos, put the strategies and techniques to work in your game … and then decide! Anyhow, here’s just some of what we’re covering in the “Square to Square” Masters Edition:

  • Grip – including the different types of grips, strengths and weaknesses of each, faults attributable to a bad grip, how your grip helps keep the club being square (or not), and more
  • Posture – because the “best” posture for the traditional high-rotation swing is not quite what’s best when using THIS swing; we want to adopt a posture that promotes a vertical swing
  • Alignment – You’ll see the proper way to use alignment sticks … and I’ll even share Jack Nicklaus’s favourite technique for aligning his shots (because surprisingly “alignment’ is one of the main areas where amateurs make mistakes – BIG mistakes!)
  • Takeaway – This is so dramatically different from the conventional take-away … with a more square face, and running “up the flagstick” (so you can make the best use of “gravity” on the downswing)
  • Restricted turn – Obviously, this is one of the most important aspects of this swing, so we’ll get into much of the reasoning behind why we use a restricted turn in the Square-to-Square method … as well as how to turn “in balance” (which makes things so much easier on your back and joints)
  • 3/4 swing – Another critical component of this swing (because it’s shorter, easier to repeat … and besides, research has proven a limited-turn swing to be safer than, and just as effective as, a full turn)
  • Downswing – The big thing here is “staying in your lane” – that is, coming down on the same line you went up on (as well as keeping the clubface square once you’re in the “square zone”, keeping the club in front of you, and coming back “down the flagstick”)
  • Impact – Here, we want to keep the hips clear, use the “ruler on wrist” tactic, and maintain a square clubface (We’ll also compare the issue of “squareness” between the rotational golf swing and Square-to-Square)
  • Follow-through – We’re going back “up the flagstick” again, staying “in our lane”, and getting a nice elbow fold at the end – this ensures we stay square and on-target through as much of the swing as possible
  • Finish – We’ve all seen them: finishes that would look better on “Dancing With The Stars” than on the tee. I’ll show you how to finish with balance and poise … and in total control (as well as how to stay out of that Advil bottle)

…and of course a whole lot more, including an excellent pre-shot routine, and a number of powerfully effective (yet easy-to-learn) drills that “lock-in” each of these skills and principles.

Keep in mind this swing is about not only limited body rotation, but limited clubface rotation too … which is one of the reasons I’m among the straightest drivers of a golf ball in the world!

I’m so confident you’ll LOVE this swing, AND your “new game”…I’m GUARANTEEING your complete satisfaction with this 12-month, iron-clad, play-better-golf-or-your-money-back pledge

Yes, I’m so certain these videos will help you immediately lower your scores by hitting the ball longer, straighter, and more consistently … that I’m willing to let you have them for a full 365 days entirely at my risk.

I’m not promising you’ll “cut 20 strokes off your game” or “add 30-50 yards to every drive”. (We’ve all seen more of those claims than we believe, wouldn’t you agree?) I’m setting out to do, is to make you a flat-out better golfer … less pain, and fewer injuries (maybe even none) … more consistently accurate shots that sail farther down the fairway, right at your target … and more unbridled FUN on the course!

Now, I'm telling you … this training program comes very close to having me right at your side, right there in your living room or on the practice range … while giving you the freedom to stop/start/rewind to your heart’s content.And I have every faith that when you apply these teachings sincerely, you WILL find yourself playing better golf … PERIOD!

Admittedly … this may not be for everyone

Still … I’m realistic enough to admit that even the best teacher won’t “click” with every student. And sometimes, for any of several possible reasons, some golfers just won’t get as much out of this (or ANY) training program as others do.

That’s why I want to make it crystal-clear to anyone purchasing my training system: This is undoubtedly the safest investment you could ever consider making in your game … because I’m unconditionally GUARANTEEING you a better game, or your money back.

Yes, I want you to watch the videos, then get out on the range or the course and put in some serious practice. Then just get out there and PLAY! Put this program “through the wringer”, and give it an honest effort.

And if you’re not absolutely THRILLED with the improvements in your game after 12 months, then just drop me a line and let me know. I’ll refund your full purchase price immediately!

Honestly though … although you might think I’m taking a big chance by taking on all the “risk” like this … I don’t see it that way, at all.

Because once you see how easy it is to learn … and how much straighter, longer, and consistently you’re hitting those balls … you’ll be bragging it up to all your friends! Let me give you one more thing, absolutely FREE, to really drive home how much better a golfer you could be…

Make no mistake – the Square-to-Square Method is just about the best way to swing a club when you want MAXIMUM accuracy, consistency, and arrow-straight distance with MINIMUM risk of injury (or even re-injury)! And my Square-to-Square “Masters Edition” training program is the best way to learn it!

Still, what a lot of serious amateur golfers need, to ensure steady ongoing improvement … is quality ongoing training, motivation, and support. That’s why I’ve put together the exclusive “Tewell Time” membership site…

…and I want to give you a FREE 14-day test drive so you can plug in to my most comprehensive training available anywhere! Your full-member VIP access privileges to the entire site include:

Instant Online Bonus Video Access - That’s right – the first thing you’ll want to take advantage of is this series of 12 Bonus Video: The Major Championship Mini-Clinic … covering mastery of the driver, short game, putting, mindset, bunkers, chipping, 50-100 yard shots, flop shots, fixes for topped and fat shots, eliminating your slice, and more!

Tewell Time Podcast - These online broadcasts with various Legends of Golf and other industry leaders bring you stories of golf’s history, and up-to-the-minute news … along with insider secrets for the “golf traveler” on all the best courses to play!

Monthly “Fireside Chats” and Training Lessons - These live online events bring you an exciting mix of things like “Ask Doug” Q&A sessions (where you can get all your training questions answered live by a 12-time PGA Tour Champ!) … coverage and discussion of the major tournaments (like the Masters, US Open, PGA Championship, British Open) … reviews of the courses Doug has actually played and competed on … entertaining and informative stories about playing along side (and beating!) stars like Nicklaus, Palmer, Trevino, and all the rest. This is real “inside the ropes” commentary from someone who has actually been there.

Tewell Time / Square-to-Square Advisory Panel - Yes, there’s a whole team of experts here to help you become a better golfer, through exclusive interviews, Q&A sessions, members-only training videos, and more.

One-on-One Access to 12-Time PGA Tour and Champions Tour Winner, Doug Tewell Yes! I’ll be available on a regular basis, so you can ask me any questions you like about the Square-to-Square Swing Method. Think of me as you own private coach, and e-mail any questions or concerns you may have in between our Fireside Chat sessions.

Plus there’s LOTS more surprises awaiting you inside the “Tewell Time” site!

And… by choosing to continue as a full member beyond your trial, you’ll also enjoy the special VIP renewal rate of only $29 a month! Of course you can easily cancel your membership at any time, with a simple click of your mouse. You are never under any obligation to continue. (You’ll even receive a letter with suggestions for getting the most out of your membership … along with simple instructions for how to cancel any time you wish to.)

But don’t even think about that for now … because these next 14 days are all yours with my compliments. You have 100% free reign to access any part of my Insider’s Club and you won’t pay an additional cent for it

Now, here’s your next step...

This entire program – the complete Square-to-Square “Masters Edition” on 2 discs – is available right now for 30% off the normal price…

…and all you need to do, to claim YOUR copy is hit that big orange button below:

"Whenever I'm competing against Doug Tewell, I know I'll need my A-game. Doug's one of the most consistent golfers I've ever seen, with a swing that's as pretty as it is effective. If you're learning how to play better golf from Doug, you're learning from one of the best--bar none!"

Bob Gilder, 6-Time PGA Tour Winner & 10-Time Champions Tour Winner

“As the Chaplain for the PGA Champions Tour, I've seen a lot of famous golfers reveal their ‘true colors’ in private. But with Doug Tewell, what you see is what you get. His high level of integrity and steadfast commitment to helping others is awe-inspiring. If Doug says it’s so, then you can count on it. I wouldn’t hesitate to trust him with improving my swing.”

Tom Randall, PGA Champions Tour Chaplain

Tour-proven, doctor-recommended... and absolutely IDEAL for amateur golfers everywhere

But you know what excites me more than anything else? It’s seeing the lights come on in the eyes of an amateur golfer who’s maybe feeling like he’s never going to be any better, when he incorporates even just a few of the Square-to-Square principles and suddenly he realizes that yes, he really CAN hit a ball straight to the target.

Or when he comes off the 18th green and realizes for the first time that he’s not feeling pain and fatigue – he’s feeling excitement and exhilaration!

THAT is what I live for!And that is why I sincerely hope you’ll try my Square-to-Square “Masters Edition” Training System today … and then write to me, first chance you get, and tell me all about the fantastic gains you’ve made. Would you do that for me? Thanks!

In a nutshell…

  • It’s simple, consistent, powerful, efficient, and body-friendly
  • It doesn’t rely on strength, flexibility, or athleticism
  • You DON'T have to swing harder! (In fact, if you’re like most amateur golfers, you’re already swing TOO hard)
  • It doesn’t take practicing until your hands are sore and covered with blisters
  • It allows your body to move the way you were designed to move

I don’t promise much but I do promise you this: Golf is going to be a lot more fun for you, very soon!

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  • Master Series DVDs: This is where it all starts. You and I will huddle together and break down the Square-to-Square swing into easy-to-learn segments, from grip and stance to follow-through and finish. Plus, I'll show my own secret tips for adding more distance and playing better in any situation. A must-have!
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It's Tewell Time!
-Doug Tewell

Important to Note: While we do believe and have seen proof that the materials we provide and the products we promote in Square-to-Square Swing method can safely improve the golf games of our subscribers, please understand that not everyone will experience the exact same results. The Square to Square system requires effort and proper use to achieve optimal results. We therefore do not take responsibility for injuries, handicap decreases, game losses or any other "less than ideal" impact on you or your game.

P.S. – When you consider the possibility of playing consistently better golf – whether you suffer from injuries or not, whether you’ve undergone surgery or not – you may find yourself thinking:

“This won’t work for me – nothing has;I should just listen to my doctor and hang up the clubs”.

I understand. Really I do … because I once felt the same way, myself.

Let me encourage you though to not waste your precious time and mental energy worrying over whether it’s “possible” – I’ve proven beyond a shadow of doubt that it is. And it’s been proven repeatedly by other amateurs just like you. The only relevant question is: Will you make it a REALITY for you?

Remember, I unconditionally GUARANTEE your satisfaction! (Re-read that Guarantee above, if you need to.) So there is absolutely NO RISK in giving this your best shot. If you would be willing to accept that possibility, along with my offer … then you’re well on your way to experiencing some real magic in your game …guaranteed! Claim YOUR copy right here!

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